EpiPen Shortage Update

We wanted to let you know about the current EpiPen shortage and how to proceed.  As you may have heard, there is a nationwide shortage of EpiPens and many pharmacies are out or have low and intermittent supplies.  This is expected to be alleviated in a few months when the new generic EpiPen becomes available.  Currently, there are three options if you have expired EpiPens:

1.  FDA has extended expiration dates of many lots of EpiPens so you can check your lots against their website here to see if you can use your current pens for school, etc. this year. EpiPens have been studied and found to have active medication in them for years after their expiration dates if stored at room temperature (not in a hot car, etc.), so this is a very reasonable option.

2.  Call local pharmacies to see if they have any today and we can send or transfer the prescription. Pharmacies are getting some limited shipments but are running out quickly.

3. Go to the AuviQ website auvi-q.com and direct order AuviQ injectors. This is a different type of epinephrine injector and there are instruction videos on the website; we also have trainers in the office and are happy to help instruct new users.  You sign up online for their program (to mitigate cost as they are extremely expensive and not covered by insurance) and they should contact us for the prescription and then deliver to your home.